When everything is neat and has its place, storage can be a joy. But storage’s evil cousin clutter can threaten to take the joy straight out of this process! Below is Plasticland’s 10 step guide to storage sanity.:
1. Small and Sustained
Don’t take on more than you can manage in a single sorting session – keep your efforts small and sustained.

2. Colour Coding
Colour coordinating items will help keep things sorted. Use red for holiday, green for sentimental, blue for office and green for garden equipment.

3. Label, Label, Label
Whether it’s for keeping kids’ rooms organise or reminding you what goes where, labels will save the day! Ps. Play “match the label” games to add more fun to picking up toys.

4. Light the Way
Add lighting to shelves and alcoves so your storage efforts don’t disappear into the shadows.

5. Keep things where you use them
Store tea by the kettle, envelopes in your desk and the dog lead on a hook in the hall. If you abide by this rule, then you won’t have to frantically search for things again. It also makes it easier to tidy them away afterwards!

6. Show off your Treasures
Some things are born to be displayed: antique glass, beautiful books and pictures. Your storage system should allow elements of display throughout your house. Whether glass-fronted cabinets in the kitchen, shelves in the bathroom or a dressing table in the bedroom.

7. Store-More Drawers
Tidy up deep kitchen drawers with removable drawer dividers, such as baskets or clear acrylic trays.

8. Down Under
Reclaim the territory under your bathroom sink with a narrow bin and clear acrylic shoeboxes tucked neatly into the space surrounding the drainpipe. Fill the freezer caddy with cleaning supplies and trash bags for easy grab-and-go convenience. Tuck rags, sponges, and scrub brushes into the shoebox drawers.

9. Linen Lineup
Make the linen closet easier to navigate by storing sheets in sets rather than by type. Stack fitted and flat sheets and tuck pillowcases around the centre to hold each set together. Make finding items a snap by labelling all of the contents with a hanging tag.

10. Strip and Scrap
Strip: Pull everything out of the cluttered storage area, pantry and closet so you can assess what you have. Scrap: From foods you never eat to clothes you never wear, throw away the stuff that is “no longer good, no longer relevant to your here-and-now life.

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