Thank goodness for the new season – it gives us extra motivation to get our homes clean and organised! Another definite benefit is that with the arrival of spring comes the natural urge to want to let go of clutter and start afresh in an organised, clean space. Plasticland hopes these tips will help your spring cleaning efforts:

1. Make a Plan
Make a note of all the areas of your home that need cleaning and organising. Come up with a plan on what exactly needs to be cleaned and cleared of clutter, when you will start (so you have something to stock to) and how much time you can allocate to each room.

2. Set reasonable goals
Setting overly ambitious goals to getting things done can sometimes discourage you when you realise you aren’t even close to achieving what you set out to do. A little is better than nothing, so create a reasonable plan of when you expect to finish each room. It’s ok to budget in time for distractions, because life happens when we’re making other plans right? Just be sure to not get distracted altogether!

3. Stock up on cleaning supplies
When you’ve finally set your mind right to spring clean the home, believe us nothing can dampen your spirits quicker than not having the correct materials to get the job done! Be sure to stock up with everything you need, from cleaning aids like Handy Andy to cleaning materials like brushes and cloths.

4. Call on your kids
Not only will asking your kids for some help lighten your load, but it will teach them responsibility and make them feel involved in an important project of yours. Be sure to delegate age-appropriate jobs for them – asking them to take on something more difficult than they can cope with will just result in tears and frustration (from both of you!)

5. One room at a time
The best advice we can give, and we talk from experience, is to tackle one room at a time. It is so easy to get distracted, plus focusing on one room at a time will ensure a better job is done. There’s also nothing more fulfilling then starting to see real results from your “project spring clean”.

6. Clear before cleaning
There’s no point in getting ready to dust and clean when you’re faced with a pile of clutter to clear first. Save yourself a headache by getting rid of junk before starting with anything else.

7. Use bins to organise stuff for clearing
Instead of making more piles of untidy clutter, that run the risk of getting mixed up, use plastic bins to organise items you plan on giving away of sorting out later. Label the bins according to their use, like items to donate, items for sale, items for returning and whatever else is relative for you.

8. Let the fresh air in
After being cooped inside for the winter months, let the fresh in by opening every window in the house you can find. Your sense of smell and soul will thank you for allowing spring’s fresh air to flow throughout the house.

9. From top to bottom
When you do eventually get to the actual cleaning of your home, start at the top and work your way down to the bottom, literally! Start by dusting the ceiling fan or light fittings that tend to gather cobwebs and dusty, then work your way down the walls, over the furniture and all the way down to the floors and cornices.

10. Keep it clean and clear
It’s important to have a good cleaning schedule in place, especially after the time and effort you have put into spring cleaning your home! Set small daily tasks that will maintain all your hard work and keep things in order until next spring!

PS. When all is finally cleared and cleaned, why not treat yourself to a few new decor elements to celebrate your home’s new look? Perhaps that just means a few new bright scatter cushions to replace the darker winter ones, or you may want to treat yourself to a brand new shelving system or containers to better organise your home. Get in-store to Plasticland!

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