Create a winter haven for your pet

Not everyone is ecstatic about the arrival of winter, particularly your beloved pet. Harsh winter elements, such as bitter cold winds and wet rain conditions, not only make your pet cold and uncomfortable, but lead to an increased risk and discomfort of arthritis.

The reality is, if you’re cold, it’s likely your pet is cold too! If animals sleeping indoors is not an option, there are other alternatives to keep your pooch warm and dry this winter. Set up a bed in the garage, and create further warmth by elevating it off the ground so they escape the biting cold of the concrete floor.

When purchasing a kennel for your pooch, ensure that it is sturdy and can withstand the harsh winter elements. It shouldn’t be too spacious as body heat will escape unnecessarily, and it can’t be too enclosed either as your dog will need space to lie, stand up and turn around comfortably.

Plasticland has a variety of pet kennels available in small, medium and large sizes. Pet Kennel prices range from R459.00 up to R899.99, which means you can enjoy savings from R120 to R290. Kennels are great for sheltering your dog from rain and cold winter winds, and when teamed with a blanket will create a warm winter haven! As the kennels are made from plastic, they’re easy to clean, durable, cool in summer (just remove your pet blanket) and are lightweight to move around if need be. There are also affordable, uncovered pet beds ranging from R89.95 to R139.95. No pet would like to sleep on a hard floor, so to cushion the pet beds or kennels, Plasticland has tasteful and colourful cotton beds for dogs, ranging from R99.95 for the medium size bed to R109.95 for the large bed.

Winter Pet Care Tips:
Always have fresh, unfrozen drinking water
If there isn’t your pet will hydrate themselves with dirty water from gutters and puddles
Very Young, old and short-haired animals are especially vulnerbale
For extra warmth, get an animal jersey, allow them indoors or setup their doghouse in the garage.

Groom your dog regularly:
Your dog needs a well-groomed coat to keep properly insulated.
If your dog is active, feed it extra calories
Additional energy is needed in the winter to keep body temperature regulated

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